Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology; an eerie and unearthly world of Gods, deities, heroes, weak men and women fighting for the overall good, monsters, creatures from an unknown world. Greek Mythology is the body of all the legends, … Read more

Greek Myths

medusa greek myth

Greek Myths have always been an indispensable part of the Greek mentality and culture; since the ancient years, Greeks were creating myths to justify and explain anything they couldn’t understand, things that happened in nature, … Read more

Aesop and Aesop’s Fables


Aesop was an Ancient Greek writer who lived in the 6th century BC in Athens, Greece. Aesop (Aisopos in Greek, Αίσωπος) is known about the myths he wrote, referred to as Aesop’s Fables. Little is … Read more

Pantheon of Greek Gods

greek gods temple front

Are you a little confused when reading about the Greek myths and all the stories in Greek mythology? Did you lose track who is whose father, mother, son? Here is an image depicting the Pantheon … Read more